Nina Maya, Scranton, PA

Having the chance to get my baby from you was a blessing. We could see their temperament and personality so we would know what Max would be like he loves to play outside, he loves tug of war, he says hello to everyone as we walk him. He has become out best friend and our little guy. Even as I type this, he is laying on my feet to keep me warm and as soon as I am done, he will give me tons of kisses and a look of pure love. We adore him, and are

so grateful to Anthony and his entire family especially the friendly nature of your kids, for the amazing experience he has provided to us

Mark Brown, Dallas, TX

Thanks very much for my little guy, he's been making me happy ever since he got here and I'm very glad I finally took the decision to shop from you, the shipping sounded scary since I never got a puppy through that route but he arrived safe and sound and has been amazing since then. I will be glad to buy from you guys in future. 

Shanice Kelley, Albany, GA

“We have been meaning to contact you guys ever since we bought our first puppy from you, but now we have 2 from you! We met and fell in love with our first addition, Baxter in 2018, and then came back for more puppy love in 2019 and met our 2nd addition, Tank ! We can’t tell you how much we love our boys and how much joy they have brought to our lives. Baxter just turned 2 years old last month and Tank just turned 1 year old this past November. We couldn’t imagine life without them now. We love that their mixed breeds are so unique and anyone who meets them, instantly loves them! Their personalities are awesome! They are the best of brothers. one day to add another to the pup”

Lynn Williams, Houston, TX

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism. I have two of your precious puppies and several of my friends have puppies from you, too. The puppies are healthy and happy and you are wonderful to work with… always fulfilling every detail of our agreements throughout the entire transaction. in my opinion, you are the best of the best of maltese breeders.

Sarah Allan, Ricmond, VA

You are such an amazing breeder, my daughter fell in love with Princess the moment she arrived our home, I'm glad she loves her birthday gift. I was worried about shipping process for a  start but you guys made it easy and stress free. I've never felt this excited about a puppy, she is really beautiful with amazing personality and temperament. I'll make sure to keep sending you pics and videos of Princess in our home. 

Thanks for being awesome!!

Christine Arnold, Dallas, TX 

Hi! We just wanted to let you all know how much our little girl (named “Mia”) has enriched our lives!!!!! Mia has brought us so much joy in the time we have had her since the middle of September and each day is very special to us!” -Arnold Family

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